My Day in GIFS ~ The Homeschool Life

If you aren’t already familiar with my life or my blog, here’s a breakdown in one, long, run-on sentence:


I am a happily married, stay at home mom of three children, ages thirteen, nine and seven who had this crazy idea years ago to start homeschooling, which was followed by a crazy idea to start a small handmade business, which was followed by a crazy idea to start a Tupperware business, which has all been fun, I mean FUNNY, anyway we are still crazy and I love my life.


So are you ready for a peek inside of my day?



6:15 ~ Alarm goes off, I push the snooze button (I like to try to get up before my kids do to drink my coffee in the quiet.)



6:30 ~ Alarm goes off, I push the snooze button again. Hubby’s alarm goes off. I also ignore that one.



6:45 ~ Alarm goes off again, so does the hubby’s. I almost think about getting up. But I groggily hit snooze again and wait five minutes before I decide it’s time to get up. Just so I feel like I’m in control of my morning, not my alarm clock.

giphy (1)


7:15 ~ I make my coffee as quietly as possible, so as not to wake the sleeping darlings (ahem, my sweet children who are ready with every question you could ever imagine from the moment they get out of bed). Then I rush it back to my bedroom in perfect stealth mode and jump into bed with my laptop to get my morning work started. I answer emails, schedule my posts for the day, and slowly let my coffee get cold.

tenor (1)


8:00 ~ It’s time to suck it up. I take a quick shower then go start breakfast for the children that are up waiting to ask me what kind of fun things I have planned for the day. I usually say, “school” so they can be excited later when I say that they can have an early snack, it seems exciting, (you know, compared to school.) While the kids eat breakfast, I start picking up around the house, because it’s ALWAYS a mess.



9:00 ~ We’ve eaten breakfast, we’ve woken the teenager up three or four times, it’s time to start our school day. Our school day generally lasts through lunch time (yep, when we get right down to business, MOST school work can be knocked out in about three hours!) I spend my time going from one child to the next, following up with all of their work and providing instruction where needed, telling them, “No, you don’t need to sharpen your pencil again, get back here.” “No sharpies on the couch,” and my personal favorite, “Get those pages done so we can have quiet reading time!” In between helping the kids and keeping them on track, yep. Still working. Still cleaning. 



12:00 ~ Lunch time! Leftovers are my favorite, “snacky lunch” is second on my list.

tenor (2)


12:-1:30 ~ Mom’s work time. I am SO glad that I implemented this! It is one hour of uninterrupted work time for mama! The kids are to be off playing or doing whatever it is that they do when mom’s not looking and if there are arguments, issues that mom needs to deal with or random questions asked during mom’s work time like, “how do they get the liquid inside the pen…” I lock them in the closet. (Just kidding. Don’t call CPS.) I give them a chore to do and get back to work.



1:30 – 3:00 ~ Quiet time. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaallelujah it’s screen time. The kids have time to do whatever they want with the tv, gaming system, ipads, etc. I know some who do more screen time, some who do less, this is generally what works perfectly for us. And I love it. I again retreat to my bedroom with a coffee and bring my laptop to keep working! The majority of my small business success comes from being connected via social media!



3:00 – 4:00 ~ Chore time

I give the kids different chores daily, they just go up on the chalkboard and the kids generally know what to do, but don’t do it. Several tries are usually required for chore completion!



4:00 – rest of the day and night ~ Supper Prep and Family Time (generally speaking)

Family time is extremely important to us so we play games, hang out, we even run errands together most of the time! The kids don’t always love it when my husband calls out, “Come on, everybody, we’re going to Costco!” But we like to think they will appreciate the family time later and being “un-busy” is major for us!

And of course I end the day with vegging out on the couch, binge watching whatever our latest Netflix pick is, and working…some more!

giphy (2)


Seriously? How could you not love GIFS?

Comment and let me know how you spend your days!


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