The Dirtiest Tool in your Kitchen

Girl, this one is going to make you cringe.

You are going to go insaaaane in the membrane when I tell you what the dirtiest tool in your kitchen is! I’ll give you a few hints:

~you use it multiple times per week

~it usually gets thrown back into your kitchen drawer filthy

~it’s probably full of invisible, rancid food particles



Drumroll please….


It’s your CAN OPENER!


So before I solve your problem, mama… I’m going to give you a bit more insight into what your problem is exactly.



  1. Your can opener is used (in the average household) about three to five times per week.
  2. Your can opener is most likely not cleaned nearly as often as the rest of your utensils. In some cases, it’s never cleaned at all!
  3. Your can opener is exposed to food every time you open a can. Those food particles quickly turn rancid when they are not cleaned.
  4. Ready for more yuck? Every time you toss it into the drawer, it contaminates everything else in it!
  5. Think e-coli, think salmonella, think mold.




How ya feeling? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!!!

I know you don’t want to waste time cleaning your can opener every time you finish using it, right?? Come on, we are all about saving time, money and sanity here! Let me save you some time cleaning AND save you some major icked-out sanity.


Behold, the Tupperware Can Opener! Not familiar with it? Had no idea Tupperware made kitchen utensils? Think again, because they all rock and this one is the absolute best when it comes to keeping away from seriously sick nasties that are currently lurking out there in your very own kitchen drawer. As. We. Speak.



What makes this thing so great??

  1. It folds up for sleek shape, which takes up less space (see video below).
  2. The handle is extremely easy to turn, which means even your kids can help! (Sanity saver, mama! You know they love to help in the kitchen!)
  3. It attaches to the TOP of the can and opens it leaving no sharp edges! Again, safe for the kiddos!
  4. It also lifts the lid away from your can’s contents, which keeps the cutting blade away from the food and always CLEAN!



Talk about a game changer, right?! I know!!!

Not ready to make the switch yet? That’s okay! Just please, I’m begging you, toss that old can opener into the dishwasher every time you use it!

And you can still watch this vid ~ just to check out the awesome difference!


Are you ready to make a healthy change and save yourself some:

sanity ~ never worry again when you’re fiddling with that old can opener that you are contaminating your kitchen drawer! And no worries, the kids are safe with the safe, smooth lid edges!

money ~ once you purchase a Tupperware product, you’ve got a trustworthy product with an incredible warranty on your hands! Do not worry about having to pay to replace your can opener in a few years!



You can order yours today here ~

Also be sure to find me on Facebook and let’s chat about how I can save you even more time, money and sanity!


Happy Bacteria Fighting!



2 thoughts on “The Dirtiest Tool in your Kitchen

  1. Interesting that you show us this. I was just thinking about that the other day. Most people use a canopener and put it aside. This is a very good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed! Let me know if you would like to order your germ free can opener! I love mine!


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