Poem for My Child ~ Our Home School Life

There was a time when I had TONS of time to actually sit and write. Not only write (obviously I still have some time for that) but time to sit and imagine, let my mind wander, think creatively and just find peace getting lost in my own head. Is that crazy? Noooo, it’s not crazy… (I whisper to myself.)


But now, I’m in my thirties. I have a real life to attend to. My fluffy, dreamy, carefree brain-clouds are far away, because I have cleaning to keep up with. I have kids’ schedules to work with. I’ve got home school lesson plans to work on. I’ve got crafting to catch up on. I have meals to put together. I have posts to attend to. I’ve got real life mom issues that simply cannot be neglected. If they are, watch out. I’m talking Sharknado times one thousand. Except it’s laundry, dirty dishes and chaotic energy instead of sharks.



However… from time to time… I still find time for poetry. In my head. I never write it down anymore! My paper goes to worksheets, drawings, paper airplanes and of course for storing used gum.

But here I am with time to spare, and a quiet, clean bedroom…I think it’s time to sit down and take advantage of it. And I encourage you to as well! I have always found that drawing, journaling and doodling are wonderful ways to get rid of the crazies. So stay sane with me today and grab your pen and paper!




A Poem for My Child

I want to love you even when we disagree

I want to hold you even when I am frustrated

I want to take your hand before you get too big

I want to tuck you in even when we are angry

I want to give you my attention even when I am busy

I want to sing you our song

I want guide you, even when I am tired of teaching

I want to show you what it means to be confident, yet humble

Content, yet not without zeal

I want to bless you with prayer




What do you wish for your kiddos today??




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