Homeschooling and Running a Small Business ~ It Can Be Done

Homeschooling, huh? Weird.

Yeah, I get that look from people once in a while. And yeah, I do home school my kids. And sometimes it is weird. And sometimes they are weird. But so am I. And so is everyone else on planet Earth! I have three children, ages thirteen, nine and seven. And we get through it somehow.

One of the questions that I have been repeatedly asked by friends is “how do you make time for it all?” I have a list of SIX WAYS that YOU can be a stay at home mom and manage a small business as well. Because who doesn’t love lists?! I love them. I love them even more than completing the tasks on the lists. Okay that’s not weird, right?!

Here we go:

  1. Look for unique ways that you can combine your time with the children with your work time. No, it’s not impossible! Let me make it clear that I am most definitely not implying that you should be able to concentrate when your children are poking their fingers in your ear or that you should be able to host a live video while your kids are tattling about boogers. No. That’s ridiculous. However, it is possible to involve them in some aspects. Do you run a handmade business? I give my kids scraps of fabric that I know I won’t use (or can live without) to play fabric store with me while I’m sewing my handmade goodies! If I am attempting to get a recipe tested out for my Tupperware business, I let the kids help here and there. Hey, then I can say, “so easy, your kids can do it!” It can’t be constant, and you do have to be intentional, but you can seek out ways to combine your kid/work time.


2. Set rules for momma’s work time. And stick to them. If there is one thing I know, it’s that kids need rules. They crave rules. And whether they realize it or not, they need you to enforce the rules. Your children need to know that there are rules when mom is talking on the phone. For example, “I have to call someone, if I hear you arguing or you interrupt, there will be consequences.” It’s OKAY to say that, and it’s more than okay to follow through with it! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times that my kids have not followed mom’s work time rules. Because they are kids. So, one more giant “OKAY” is that it is okay to have realistic expectations for our children. They are not perfect, and neither are we.


3. Find days when the kids can be out of the house for a while, so that you can completely focus and conquer that to-do list. Do it now! Call your neighbor, your family members, your local sitter, your friends with kids (offer to watch her kids next time!) One of my favorite times to totally slay my work load is when I can have at least a few hours to just go crazy on it. Sometimes, I get lucky and they hang with Grandma for a whole day! But take what you can get, be intentional, and start making sure to schedule time that you can focus and invest in your business without the distraction of tiny ones and their many life traumas. Like hating life because their toast broke.


4. Don’t be afraid to establish a routine. This one is huge, and when I don’t follow my own rules, I pay for it big time. Sure days of nothingness and Netflix binges with the kids are great, but nothing gets done. And I mean nothing. No laundry. No cooking. No thinking. Maybe no shower even. Kids need routine, and just because you are staying at home does not mean you need to throw out the idea of having a daily routine! We get up, have breakfast, shower and such then start our school day. It normally ends after lunch, then they know that mom has an hour of uninterrupted work time, then some time with mom, screen time, chore time, then before we know it dad’s home with what looks like a super hero cape on. (Seriously, it’s that big a deal when dad gets home.) If you throw out your routine, you throw out your ability to efficiently manage your time.

Little boy's daily activities

5. STOP guilt tripping yourself for not spending enough time with your kids or for not spending enough time on your work. I firmly believe that all of life is about forgiveness and grace and that includes grace for yourself.  Maybe yesterday you guys did a really cool craft together, but today they watched youtube videos for hours. Maybe you got a ton of work orders completed yesterday but today you’ve gotten lazy and drank coffee and stared into the abyss because your brain needed it for a while. It’s okay. You aren’t crazy, you aren’t alone. Lay off the guilt trip, you’re good.


6. Do your own thing! This is my favorite piece of advice to dish out because it’s one thing that I love about home schooling, running my own small businesses and living my life (which of course was uniquely gifted to me) ~ I LOVE that we are all free to do our own thing! Want to tweak something to work for you? Do it! Came up with better solutions than I’ve listed here? Awesome! (Hey, please share your comments so the rest of us know about how you rock your schedule!) It’s your life. It’s your family. And it’s your small business! Enjoy the ride!



So that’s it guys. There’s my short and simple list of six ways that you can be a stay at home mom and rock your small business! What tips do you have to share? I would love to hear about them!

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Until next time, stay sane. 

19 thoughts on “Homeschooling and Running a Small Business ~ It Can Be Done

  1. Really great post and very helpful. I think it’s wonderful and completely awesome that you homeschool your children and sounds like your doing an amazing job at finding balance to accomplish all your goals.


    1. Thank you! So glad that it’s helpful to you!


  2. Very useful tips in finding balance in whatever you do.


  3. I home ed and blog too! I see it as inspiring my children to go out and do what they love too!


      1. They are 8 and 6! The both want to YouTube blog about games!


  4. I really love this post and felt that it was inspiring, yet informative. It was packed with useful tips for all parents on how to manage time and enrich our children! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Trust me, there a lot of days when these tips are not applied, when I don’t manage time well and basically when it all hits the fan! But these are my tried and true tips that, if applied, DO WORK!


  5. What home school curriculum do you use?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mandee, we use a very wide variety of curriculum and it is constantly changing with the tides of our family dynamic – are you a home school mama??


  6. Thank you, I truly needed to read this. I really feel like a failure most days because it is hard to balance the two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Megan! Repeat after me! “I AM NOT A FAILURE!” Are you a stay at home mom? Homeschool mom? Or both?


  7. Combining work time and time with the children is also a great way to bond further and instill an early sense of responsibility in kids. My mum would cook during a party and she usually asked us to pass her the ingredients, the older one of us chopping some. It can be done for sure.


  8. Love this! It can also be used when you have really little ones or during the “summers”. Being homeschooled myself, I know it’s a wonderful way to incorporate real life into their education, AND learn how to be successful on their own as adults.


  9. Great tips! Very inspiring to see that you’ve found a way to balance homeschooling your kids, while still trying to accomplish your own goals! Moms always find a way to make the impossible- POSSIBLE 😀


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