Top 10 Things That Go Wrong in my Kitchen (and how you and I can remedy those probs!)


Guys,  listen. Before my hand even hits the spatula, I’ve screwed something up in the kitchen. I can’t even tell you with any dignity how many times I’ve had gigantic oopsie-daises in the cooking process! Oh and baking? Forget about it. Let me paint a picture for you with some tasty tidbits: Oh no, I thought I had enough butter. Shoot, the oven wasn’t even on. Dang it, that must just be a weird recipe….

I can’t be alone in this, right??? I love to cook, I enjoy baking but I am a genuine mistake-maker and I know you are too. Okay, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but it’s my mantra for today to better retain my fleeting sanity because yeah, I messed up a bowl of cereal. Didn’t think that was possible??? Welcome to my world!

So without further adieu, here is my Top 10 Things That Go Wrong in my Kitchen.

  1. Not reading the recipe all the way through before beginning. Oh thank you, Lord for the Dollar General down the street! The guy at the register probably knows me as that one lady who always comes in looking frazzled with flour in her hair. It’s my “I’ll be right back” stop when I’ve realized that I’m short an ingredient for a recipe.
  2. Experiencing the dreaded butter fingers. Ah yes, the “it was like it was happening in slow motion” drop. Think milk splattering, a giant crash and three children looking slightly terrified that maybe mom will actually completely lose her cool this time. It happens far too often and I’m not ashamed to say that I have yet to find a solution. My sweet husband keeps reminding me that I just need to slow my brain down. Isn’t that funny?
  3. Not being able to find an ingredient because it’s been put somewhere completely random. I confess, most of the time I ask my kids, “What in the world did you do with it?!” But sometimes…it’s just me. I am hopelessly absent-minded so when I find peanut butter under the kitchen sink or a box of uncooked rigatoni in the refrigerator, I should probably not be so surprised.
  4. Not waiting for the pan to heat up. Patience is not a problem for me… or is it? I’m not sure it’s so much a habitual impatience issue as it is a “good enough” mindset. For instance, “It’s probably not hot enough yet, but eh, it’s good enough.” And we all know what happens when the pan isn’t hot enough. Juicy juices leak out of your delicious meat! Veggies will steam instead of frying! Eggs will go all you don’t even want to know on you! Oh the horror!
  5. Not making sure that all of the dishes I need for my cooking or baking are clean and usable. Now that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Truth be told, I hate doing dishes. I am the queen of “that needs to soak.” I try to make it look planned out and managed by at least stacking the dishes up in the sink so guests might think, “oh she must be getting ready to wash those” instead of the brutally honest reality; that being those dishes have been there rinsed and ready to wash for entirely too long. It’s gross. So when I reach for my favorite mixing bowl in the cabinet, and it’s just not there, I waste time finding it in the cluttered sink, washing it and drying it.
  6. Chopping instead of mincing because I’m too rushed to keep my knife diligently moving. When I’ve got my cutting board out on the counter (and heck yes, I have a very limited amount of kitchen counter space) I can’t wait to get it out of the way and into the sink with the rest of the long forgotten kitchen items. So if I have a recipe that calls for minced garlic, I may or may not have beautiful chunks of garlic. Or a recipe that calls for minced anything. Hey, I think it says chopped. The recipe definitely says chopped. What was that my husband said about slowing down? I’m not sure.
  7. Can’t find anything in my utensil drawers. Even that ice cream scoop that’s staring me in the face. You all know exactly what I’m talking about, right? Nuff said.
  8. Letting food go stale. The bag has been crumpled. The box has been left open. You know the story. When I reach for the crackers that sound oh-so-delish for a late night snack and they lack a certain crispety-crunchity, I can hardly contain the disappointment. When the kids say, “this cereal tastes weird” I know exactly why. Someone got into it to just grab a handful and may or may not have left the bag open a little. Stale food is the worst. I’m sweating just thinking about it.
  9. Okay so this is not exactly happening IN my kitchen, but it has to do with cooking and with royally screwing up, so hey. It counts. Forgetting meat out on the grill. I tell myself that I’ll need to get back out there in a few minutes to flip the burgers or turn the steaks. Sometimes it works out just right (insert hallelujah chorus here), sometimes our burgers are a little bit crispy.
  10. My mom brain glitches. Oh wait, you haven’t heard of mom brain? Also known as momnesia, baby brain, and so on. The symptoms include but aren’t limited to insomnia, inability to remember simple phrases or the names of common objects, frequently losing your train of thought, inability to focus on logical task. It does exist and it most definitely affects my behavior in my kitchen and in my entire life.

So the question is, obviously, how do we remedy some of these problems? I would love to hear about how you remedy them!

))))Share in the comments section and let’s help one another out!((((((

My most recent and number one solution for that pesky problem number 6? The Tupperware Chop n Prep Chef. It is absolutely PERFECT for freaky fast mincing, so it’s been a life saver when I need take care of lots of garlic! Not only that, it works incredibly for chopping herbs, nuts, and small veggies. I suppose if I were still in the phase of feeding baby food, it would be great for small quantities of baby food. I am saving sanity simply by using the fun little pull cord instead of painstakingly chopping and mincing small quantities. Woot woot! I am saving money by using NO electricity as I would with a mini food processor. And of course, I am saving time! Because with just a few pulls, it’s D-O-N-E! Plus, the Chop ‘N Prep Chef is small enough to store in the cupboard, drawer or pantry and comes with the Tupperware seal in case I want to put anything away for a while instead of using it right away!

Want to check out a quick and simple to follow tutorial on using the Chop n Prep? Check it out here!

Orders yours here! ~

1 thought on “Top 10 Things That Go Wrong in my Kitchen (and how you and I can remedy those probs!)

  1. Hahaha I can totally relate!!


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